Who We Are

Wexford Restorative Practices Partnership (WRPP) is a multi-agency body that was officially launched at a conference in Enniscorthy, County Wexford on 12th October 2016. Sixty professionals from the areas of education, children and youth services, criminal justice and community development from across the county, gathered to hear a panel of experts speaking on the benefits of incorporating restorative practices into their services and work.

The original idea for the establishment of WRPP grew out of an action put forward by the Young People & Mental Health Working Group of CYPSC, the County Wexford Children and Young People's Services Committee, for inclusion in the CYPSC plan for Wexford. Since then, both CYPSC and TUSLA, the Child and Family Agency, have grant aided WRPP to undertake its mission of promoting and developing restorative practices throughout County Wexford.

Support for the development of Restorative Practices in County Wexford is now written into the Wexford Local Economic and Community Plan (LECP) 2016-2021, Wexford County Council, and is also part of the County Wexford Children and Young People's Service Committee overall plan for County Wexford.

Workshop participants at the inaugural conference of WRPP

Vision and Objectives 


That County Wexford will become a restorative county believing in and integrating restorative practices as a way of building and maintaining relationships, which enable health and wellbeing.


Wexford Restorative Practices Partnership (WRPP) promotes and supports the use of restorative approaches spanning all sectors of the community in County Wexford through the development of strategies designed to embed these practices across our communities including schools, neighbourhoods and services in the context of a life cycle approach.

Strategic Objectives

  • To promote restorative practice as a key approach to prevention and early intervention;
  • To develop the potential for restorative practices to support inclusion with communities, sectors and organisations;
  • To identify potential for collaboration and joint developments;
  • To develop capacity, systems and infrastructures which support the growth and evolution of restorative practices, as well as build their sustainability;
  • To progress and support locally based accreditation and training options; and
  • To offer those interested in the strategic development of restorative practices a space for reflecting, crystallising, sharing and deepening understanding.


Wexford Local Development through the Cornmarket Project, are the lead agency and administrators for this initiative and current membership includes:

TUSLA the Child and Family Agency, County Wexford Children and Young People’s Services Committee, the Probation Service, Waterford Wexford Education and Training Board, Wexford Education Centre, Wexford County Council, Wexford Local Development, the Garda, Slaney Youth Diversion Project, Youth New Ross, SAFE Youth Diversion Project and the Cornmarket Project.

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